Top 10 best personal loan apps in india 2024

Today there are many best personal loan apps available on the internet  from where  you can easily get a loan. But nowadays fraud is happening a lot, hence we should not take loan without knowledge. Online loan giving apps provide mobile loan in no time with very less documentation.

Whenever we need some money urgently, we can use these apps. With the help of these apps, every type of loan is available and the loan amount is deposited in our bank account within a few minutes. Apps for taking instant loans from home are very popular these days and through these you can get loans at low interest rates.

To take an Urgent Loan, we have to follow many precautions so that no fraud of any kind happens with us. Because nowadays there are many loan giving apps available on the internet and due to this, there is fear in the mind of the person about which apps are right and which are not.

So today in this article we will tell you about  the top 10 best personal loan apps .

In today’s time, everyone needs a loan from time to time and if we need a loan, we go to the bank and follow the entire process, only then we get the loan.

At the same time, when we need a loan for small amount and short period, then we cannot go to the bank because we get more loan in the bank, hence nowadays there are many personal apps available on the Internet .

That is, there are many loan giving apps from which you can get loan sitting at home. In this article we will learn about the best and popular loan giving apps. So that you can easily take personal loan with the help of these apps.

So let us know about these top 10 best personal loan apps , which are very safe and quick loan providing apps. Through these apps, you can fulfill your financial needs like education, medicine, shopping or any other need.

Top 10 Best Personal Loan Apps

1- KreditBee Loan App KreditBee

To take a loan on this app, you must be at least 18 years of age. This app is especially designed for young professionals . This is the best loan giving app in India. Through this app, you can take a loan ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 3 lakh in just a few minutes.

In this, the entire process of taking loan is online process and some documents are required to be given in it.

Any person earning at least Rs 10,000 per month through this app can apply for a loan on this app. After the loan application is approved on this app, the loan amount is deposited in your bank account in just a few minutes, hence this app is quite popular among the people.

KreditBee App has got a very good rating of 4.3+ on Play Store and more than 1 crore people have downloaded this app.

Creditbee Loan App Some Features and Benefits –

  • Depending on the type of loan taken, borrowers can get a loan amount between Rs 1,000 to Rs 4 lakh.
  • Creditbee  claims to disburse the loan amount in just 10 minutes
  • The interest rate is 5% – 29.95% per annum. and may vary depending on the borrower’s credit history and other factors
  • The repayment  tenure starts from 3 months and can go up to 10 months for flexi loan and 24 months for personal loan for salaried.
  • The entire loan application process from start to finish is done online

2. Dhani Loan App Dhani Loan App

Dhani Indiabulls Ventures is a loan app backed by Indiabulls Ventures that lets you apply for a personal loan anytime, anywhere. Dhani Loan App is also a very popular app. Dhani Loan App has been downloaded by more than 5 crore people.

You can apply for loan through Dhani app anytime. If you take a loan through Dhani Loan App, your loan amount is immediately credited to your bank account. With this app you can easily take a loan from Rs 1000 to Rs 15 lakh.

To take a loan, your CIBIL score should also be good. Dhani App also brings some offers from time to time for its customers. Dhani App charges approximately 3.17% interest per month on the loan amount. The eligibility criteria for taking a loan must be fulfilled. Besides, you should also have complete documents to take the loan. 

Some Features of Dhani App –

  • Get unsecured loan without any physical documents.  
  • Only PAN, Aadhaar number and address need to be provided for verification. 
  • You can repay the loan within 2 – 24 months. 
  • Loans starting from Rs 1,000 to Rs 15 lakh depending on your requirement. 
  • Interest rates start from 13.99% per annum.

3. Paytm Loan App Paytm Personal Loan

We all know that Paytm has become a very popular payment app today. But do you know that we can also get loan on Paytm. You can also get instant loan up to Rs. 3-lakh from mobile by downloading Paytm loan application.

Paytm provides loans based on our credit score and for this it is necessary to have KYC of your Paytm account. Paytm’s interest rates are very low and Paytm does not charge any kind of fee while giving loan. You can get a loan from Paytm Bank in just a few minutes. 

4. Bajaj Finserv

Today, Bajaj Finserv is the largest loan giving company. Bajaj Finserv company is quite safe for you. Bajaj Finserv has got a rating of 3.9 on Play Store and 1 crore people have downloaded it. If you apply for a loan in Bajaj Finserv, the loan is approved within 1 day.

Then whatever the loan amount is, it is sent to your bank account. You need to take approval from Bajaj Finserv only once, after that you can take the loan whenever you need. Just for this, the EMI of your earlier loan should be completed. You can also take Bajaj Finserv Wallet Loan . Bajaj’s customer service is quite good. 

Bajaj Finserv is an Indian non-banking company that provides a variety of financial services. They have three types of personal loan products – 

  • 1. Flexi term loan flexi term loan 
  • 2. Flexi Hybrid Loan flexi hybrid loan 
  • 3. term loan term loan

Some other features of Bajaj Finserv Loan –

  • You can choose any of the three variants depending on your requirement.
  • You can complete the entire process sitting at home.
  • Get a loan up to Rs 40 lakh.
  • Loans are unsecured and do not require any collateral.
  • Affordable interest rates start from 10.49% per annum and tenure ranges from 12 – 72 months.

5. Smart Coin Smart Coin

Smart Coin also gives you instant loan and if seen, it is the fastest loan giving app. If you are employed then you can get loan very easily. This app is trusted by more than 10 million Indian people. Also, a lot of care is taken about your security in this app. In this you can easily take loan with minimum documents.

Its rating is 4.5 stars. This app gives loans from 62 days to 1 year and charges from 0% to 30%. Talking about the loan of this app, you get a minimum loan of Rs 4000 and a maximum loan of Rs 1 lakh.

Some features of smart coin Some features of smart coin-

  • All documentation can be completed online
  • The application is approved within a few minutes
  • No minimum wage requirement
  • Micro loans ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 70,000 are available which can be repaid within 91 – 270 days.
  • Affordable interest rates starting from 20% per annum.

6. MoneyView Instant Loan App

MoneyView Loan App is also a loan providing app and it is different from other loan apps. You can take Instant Personal Loan online through this App in just 2 hours . If you ever need an urgent loan in any situation, then this app is the best app to take a loan. You can repay the loan taken through this app within 3 months to 5 years. This app has spread to many cities of India in a very short time.

The entire process for taking this loan is online and paperless. After submitting the documents, you can get the loan as per your need. You can take a loan for any of your needs like buying land, buying a car, marriage, studies etc. The process of taking loan through Money View Loan App is quite easy.

Money View Loan App gives you personal instant loan ranging from Rs 10 thousand to Rs 5 lakh. Whatever loan you take from Money View App, Money View App charges 1.33% to 2% interest on that amount. Money View App has got a good rating of 4.7 on Play Store and has been downloaded by more than 1 crore people.

Moneyview is one of the most popular and best rated personal loan apps in India. It offers unique benefits and features to its customers. Some of these include –

Some features of Money View Loan App-

  • Once the application is approved, the loan amount is disbursed within 24 hours in most cases
  • You can check your eligibility criteria in just 2 minutes from anywhere in the country
  • Moneyview asks for only three documents, namely address, identity and income proof
  • You can get any amount between Rs 5,000 to Rs 10 lakh.
  • Interest rates start at only 1.33% per month with flexible repayment tenure up to 60 months
  • Moneyview does not ask for collateral and you can choose to repay the loan through auto-debit EMIs
  • MoneyView’s unique credit rating model allows applicants with low credit scores to obtain loans

7 .  Capital First Capital First

This app is a very beneficial loan app to fulfill your financial needs. This app provides loan very fast. Your loan application is approved in just 2 minutes. Capital First Loan App is a product of IDFC Bank. You can trust it and it is quite safe. You are given 1 year to 5 years time to repay the loan. You can take a minimum loan of Rs 1 lakh and maximum Rs 25 lakh from this app.

Capital First Loan App has got a rating of 4.3 on Play Store and has been downloaded by more than 50 lakh people.

8. PaySense Flexible Loan PaySense

PaySense app is also a very popular app. Both PaySense’s app and website are available on the internet. People whose salary is at least Rs 18,000 per month can apply for instant loan on this app. The minimum loan amount in this app is Rs 5,000 and the maximum loan amount is Rs 5 lakh. The interest rates on this app range between 16% to 36%.

You can easily get loan for 3 to 60 months. The most important thing about this app is that you do not need to deposit any collateral or security deposit to take a loan. This app is available on Play Store. The age of the applicant should be between 21-60 years.

9. Early Salary App

This app is one of the apps that provide instant loans. This app provides easy and quick loans especially to salaried people. Early Salary App is also called Instant Personal Loan App . The entire process of taking loan from this app is online. With this you can take a loan in just 10 minutes. You can take a loan of Rs 8000 to Rs 5 lakh from Early Salary App. You can repay the loan taken from this app in 3 to 24 months.

The entire process of taking loan from Early Salary App is digital and there is less paperwork to take the loan. To take loan from this app, you need PAN card, Aadhar card and salary bank account statement. Also, your age should be at least 21 years.

10. mPokket mPokket Mobile App

This app is a very useful app for the students studying. Because students often face shortage of money, hence with this app, students can avoid this problem and mPokket app has been designed to solve this problem. This app is mainly designed for college students which provides loans for the things students need. This loan has to be repaid within 2 to 4 months.

As soon as the loan is approved, the loan amount is transferred to your bank account. Through this, the minimum loan amount is Rs 500 and the maximum loan amount is Rs 20,000. If you repay the loan on time, it also increases your credit score . Its interest rate is 1% to 6% per month. In this, the age of the applicant should be between 18 to 40 years. 

Warning- This article does not make any claim about the reliability of the various personal loan giving apps mentioned in this article. Our aim is to make our readers aware of the different options available.