There are two ways to turn off a Jitterbug Flip phone:

1. Power Button:

This is the easiest and most common method. Simply locate the red power button on the upper right side of the phone.

1. Press and hold the power button for about 2-3 seconds.

2. You'll see the screen display the GreatCall logo, then go dark as the phone turns off.

2. Emergency Button:

While not intended for regular power control, you can also use the red  Emergency Button to turn off the phone in an emergency. This can be  helpful if the power button isn't working:

1. Press and hold the Emergency Button for about 5 seconds.

2. The phone will emit an emergency siren and automatically dial 911.

3. After the call is connected, you can hang up by pressing the NO button or closing the phone.

4. To turn off the phone, press and hold the power button until the screen goes dark.